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Concerned about the COVID vaccine but still want to work?

You’ve got your reasons. Maybe they’re medical, maybe they’re religious; heck, maybe you’re just not an “early adopter” of anything - I was 28 before I got a cell phone! Whatever YOUR reasons, you shouldn’t have to wonder whether you’ve suddenly become a sub-human or unemployable just because you haven’t gotten a vaccine for which the FDA approval ink is barely dry. So that’s why I launched this site. Working together, we can match people with jobs that DON’T mandate COVID vaccines, AND provide you with regular updates on available legal exemptions for people working at companies that have or are about to make those vaccines mandatory.

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Yes, I’m a lawyer. I’m licensed to practice in Texas and Arizona and I practice employment law. But I’m not YOUR lawyer just because you’re reading this site or subscribing to updates. I am providing general information derived from publicly available sources, and the updates and the website should not be considered direct legal advice.

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