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September 2021

Biden mandates vaccines for all federal employees. 9/9/21

August 2021

Fortune 500 list in the works. Medical Exemption support in the works.
United airlines to start terminations in September (August 25, 2021)
We hope the list keeps growing! (8/23/2021)
Wall Street Journal (August 20, 2021)
Medical Exemption Guide still in the works
What are we doing and Why this format?
State and local government workers in Arizona still have a choice.
EEOC guidance makes it clear that employers can mandate the COVID-19 vaccine out of "safety concerns" WITH EXCEPTIONS.
My EEOC Book is going through an update - but here's the first chapter for free.
A head-on attack on the safety of the vaccine by a proposed class action was dismissed on the pleadings (June 2021)